Mani Arabi
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Mani perfected his expertise in patent law after spending several years training under the mentorship of the brilliant attorneys at 2SPL, rated one of Europe’s top patent law firms. Located in Munich, Germany, in the heart of European patent law, Mani represented global Fortune 500 clients in an international practice in front of both the USPTO and EPO.

Prior to law school, Mani spent several years in the field of construction design and management, where he worked as a LEED AP (Building Design and Construction Specialty) and project manager serving the public sector. Mani holds numerous quality control, management, construction safety, and environmental engineering certificates and licenses.

Mani is a huge animal advocate and spends his free time rescuing exotic animals and design-building enclosures for them to live in. Over the years, Mani has rescued countless chameleons, snakes, frogs, invertebrates, birds, cats, dogs, and even a squirrel.


  • California
  • New York
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)


  • J.D. – Law
    • Dean’s List/Honor Roll
    • Certificate in Intellectual Property Law
  • Bachelor of Science – Astrophysics

Sample obtained patents:

PAT. NO.Title
110,333,630Apparatus for reducing a magnetic coupling between a first electronic circuit and a second electronic circuit
210,298,243System and a method for determining a correction for an output value of a time-to-digital converter within a phase-locked loop
310,295,343Method and system for detecting a relative position of a mobile terminal device with respect to a vehicle
410,290,592Semiconductor package, and a method for forming a semiconductor package
510,284,241Receivers and methods for reducing an interference component in a receive signal
610,237,113Apparatus and a method for approximating a first signal using a second signal
710,230,421Receiver and a method for reducing a distortion component within a baseband receive signal
810,177,719Methods and devices for predistortion of signals
910,164,584Method to mitigate undesired oscillator frequency modulation effects in-side a synthesizer due to interference signals and synthesizer circuit
1010,114,468Method for evaluating gestures
1110,110,245Apparatus for interpolating between a first signal edge and a second signal edge, a method for controlling such apparatus, and an interpolation cell for a digital-to-time converter
1210,097,220Interference detection device, interference detection apparatus, interference detection method, computer program, receiver, mobile terminal and base station
1310,090,854Digital-to-analog converter and method for correcting gain mismatch between a first segment and a second segment of a digital-to-analog converter
1410,075,800Mixing desk, sound signal generator, method and computer program for providing a sound signal
1510,071,706Method and apparatus for external operation of an actuator of a vehicle
1610,068,636Apparatuses and methods for accessing and scheduling between a plurality of row buffers
1710,060,550Valve operator assembly with friction means and pre-stressing element
1810,056,528Interposer structures, semiconductor assembly and methods for forming interposer structures
1910,051,584Apparatuses and methods for transmitting a transmit signal comprising a first signal portion and a second signal portion
2010,044,322Radio frequency signal synthesizer circuit and method for generating a radio frequency signal
219,954,932Apparatus and method for transferring event detector processes
229,855,574Supply device for viscous media
239,826,531Concept for transmitting and/or receiving data packets for a system for detecting an event, corresponding to an object crossing over a monitored line
249,822,814Bearing for combined loads
259,795,829Antenna system and method for determining a transit of a movable object through a detection plane
269,752,701Valve operator assembly with freewheel and axial friction means
279,742,312Apparatus and electrical assembly for converting a direct voltage into an alternating voltage